Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tour through Northern Ireland

It is unfortunate the western media villainesses Northern Ireland as some sort of Beirut war zone. The truth is that while there has been sectarian violence over the past 40 years, the overall crime and murder rates fall well below the national averages of most cities in the States

Northern Ireland or Ulster, comprises of 6 counties. Today, it’s primarily a self governing region within the confines of the United Kingdom. The British army presence on the streets is long gone and so too are the militarized border check points. The only signs of sectarianism are the murals in the working class neighborhoods.

There is an overall sense of optimism today for the future, as many multinational corporations have invested and staked the province with new urban shopping developments and high tech industries all geared towards the highly skilled and educated work force.

Tourism is a growing industry with world class attractions as the Antrim Coast drive, The Giant's Causeway (world heritage site), Dunluce Castle, Titanic Museum, Ulster Folk Park and slews of well maintained National Trusts sites as Carrickfergus Castle, Penrhyn Castle, Mount Stewart and many Neolithic stone structures comparable to Stone Henge in England.

Alas Northern Ireland has possibly the most genuine, sincere and friendly folk’s one will ever meet any where.

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